Selling your production

How to sale your snales

The customer products are live snails, although we can also be dedicated to the production of other formats; such as frozen, cooked and precooked snails.

Your clients are companies willing to purchase your products: In each country and market, we find the following potential customers:

- Food markets (for example Mercamadrid in Madrid, and Mercabarna in Barcelona)

- Restaurants and and Bars that offer menus and meals

- Distributors and wholesalers

- Retailers (in the food industry) 

- Takeout shops (food related)

- Catering and Takeout Companies



International markets

You must know the overseas buyer personally or through the marketing agency. Also the shipping method of the goods must be determined: live, frozen and precooked, frozen, etc.

The Commercialization-sales channels are:

1.- The helicicultor establishes an agreement with the importer, through a previously established partnership agreement (joint venture) where one side produces and the other purchases, having the sale secured.

2.- The helicicultor channels its production sales, through a marketing agency that gets the best price at an international level (European countries).

3.- The helicicultor, by the volume of their production (over 10 tons) having carried out a market survey, prefers to personally carry out the sale. 

4.- For exports, you can find more information in our Dossier. Order now the Snail Farming Business Plan

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