Snail farming for cosmetic products

Another outlet for snail farming is the application they have in the cosmetic product industry.

A few years ago it was discovered that the snail had some rejuvenating effects on human skin, and this discovery was based on research on how they managed to reconstruct and repair their shell fractures. 

Based on the business that this discovery represents, considering that female customers consume a lot of these rejuvenating creams based on snail slime, many snails farms formerly devoted gastronomy now prefer to farm snails for this purpose, because the profit margin is considerably greater.

But breeding is often just as heavy as in the gastronomic area, because here the most important thing is to keep the snails' slime in perfect condition. As we've thoroughly explained, if the snail has any disease or pathology, it'll probably stop producing the much needed slime for the creation of these products.