Possibilities of Snail Farming

Snail farming is a profitable activity based on the environmental characteristics and conditions. The snail production and commercialization market is a growing business due to increased prices and demand. Although its implementation is very scarce in most of the countries worldwide, the snail is an important resource, because it is a product with a great demand pull. To this we must add the reduced needs of investment in facilities, as well as low labor and food costs; which translates to the high rate of return on previously made investments.

This business idea consists in creating exploitations intended for snail production, this being a suitable task for any place in countryside. It is advisable to have some source of water for the production of green food, which is to be used as a food supplement for the existing animal feed in the market.

It is advisable for medium and long term plans to encompass the packaging, marketing, and distribution of product processes. It is also interesting to consider the idea of animal feed production in order to reach self-sufficiency in exploitation. 

A potential advantage is the existence of good communications by road, and the consequent proximity to urban markets or any important provincial capital as the destination for the live snails.


It is highly recommended for entrepreneurs in this field to attain in depth knowledge about the activity, the competitors, and the direct contact with potential clients, in particular: wholesale food markets, restaurants, markets, fish shops, etc.