Heliculture (Snail Farming) is Very Lucrative Busines

The snails reproduce rapidly. They are capable of producing more than 300 eggs, which hatch into snails. It is now possible to produce 1,000,000 snails worth more than N20 million twice a year.

The demand for snail is higher than the supplies as such the market potential of snail is inexhaustible, locally and internationally. This technology has been approved to be most lucrative farming venture presently, as it requires far less capital investment, while much profit is being generated in a considerable short period. It has lower risk compared to other livestock farming. Snail farming is a great opportunity in any country.

Virtually every part of snail is of vital use in Food, Pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and fishing industries. Snail is an export commodity, which has value next to gold in overseas countries. It is a foreign exchange income earner of our days. Our climate is one of the best in snail breeding.