Create your own Snail Farm

There have already been several entrepreneurs who have felt the urge to launch a snail farm and trade. And since the demand continues, there are still good opportunities for new entrepreneurs in this field. It’s a fine project which we present here today. You can order the investment and project dossier here along with other opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as an extensive section of launch tools, motives and reasons, and examples of entrepreneurial people.

It was presented by several students who were enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Barcelona. The idea is to create a snail farm for their breeding and subsequent sale. The first numbers show potential earnings of more than €70,000 per year and a demand for snails that exceeds the existing offer. 

The students presented their project and, thanks to the methodology used in the program, not only polished the numbers and business model, but also armed themselves with all the energy needed to launch themselves as entrepreneurs. Of all the elements that a college student has to contemplate, possibly the most difficult to manage is the social and family pressure to establish oneself as an entrepreneur. 

The statistics speak for themselves. Only 12 percent of them want to start their own business.

This snail project could actually extend to any part of the Spanish geography. The investment is not big. Students foresee some 12,000 euros to start. The demand for snails for catering is increasing and current suppliers are not enough to cover the rise in consumption.

For a bit of research, we went to see one of them. It was a farmer who has large fruit lands and also collects the snails from his land. He does this on an artisanal level, so we can predict that certain professionalism in the sector could bode well for him. We have learned that the snails need natural areas and not a kind of hotel room or something similar. Apparently the snails need a natural habitat, and any attempt to "tame" them or keep them in captivity can make them not reproduce and have high mortality levels. This also reduces investments.

That said, launch a snail farm. Do some research on them, study our business plan and get to breeding. Restaurants await your production.